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Cherish Lifetime Memories with Power Places® Tours

Travelling provides us the opportunity to escape into the unknown from our customary routines. They let use explore and indulge into things that widen our perception and at times give us new meanings to live life to the fullest.
Travelling is always enjoyable whether solo or in the group. While solo travellers have the advantage of connecting to a wider crowd with their simplicity of approach, travelling with family or friends strengthens the bond and offers the chance to make lifelong memories. With friends and family, you also get the chance to share the joy of travelling which makes the mood of travelling cheery and exuberant.

Why Choose Power Places® Tours?

To get the best of your travelling experiences, choose none other than Power Places® Tours. With our rich experience in the travel business for more than 3 decades, we know the in-and-outs of a successful travelling strategy. Our team consists of a bunch of extremely caring and loving staff members. Our Power Places® Tours guides, drivers, managers, and supervisors deliver their best to make your journey with us a memorable affair. With our industry standard guidelines and safety rules, your journey is truly safe and comfortable all along the tour.

With our huge client base, we, here at Power Places Tours offer various categories of tours like Personalized, Educative, Blue chip, Pilgrimage and extraordinary experiences. Equipped with the best of travel services, decades of experience and the zeal to serve travellers, Power Places® Tours understands the needs of customers from different genres and caters to their demands accordingly. For our exceptional services, which have not been possible for our excellent teamwork, we have been officially recognized as the ideal partner to travel with.

Power Places Tours is a travel company with their focus mainly on providing meaningful and learning experience for their valued travellers. The consistent hard work of the team members makes sure to provide a unique experience by gifting them the chance to discover the charm of the unknown places on our earth. Come, travel, and experience your joyful moments with us.


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Traveling is the best way to know about varied cultures, beat the monotony of daily life and to connect with people from all over the world. It offers the opportunity to try different cuisines, explore interesting places and acquire knowledge about different places.

The Power Places® Tours is an amalgam of spiritual learning, adventure, and soul purifying experience. Being into business for more than 30 years, they offer one-of-a-kind accommodations for the wanderlust tourists.

Why is Power Places Tours Considered to be In A Class of their Own?

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They are known to be an esteemed agency with more than thirty years of experience in the tourism industry. They brag of their impeccable record and high-quality services that they deliver to the tourists. From delectable wholesome meals, comfortable accommodation to worthwhile sightseeing tours, this tour operator offers everything.

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