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Go on a Memorable Journey with the Power Places® Tours

Travel is one of the best stress busters. It can make you feel relaxed and refreshed. There are scores of benefits related to traveling. It gives you a break from the monotony and increases the depth of knowledge and widens the horizon of a person. It offers the opportunity of exploring new places and connecting with people from various parts of the world with different traditions and cultures. The Power Places® Toursoperators combine spiritual learning with tourism. With over 30 years of experience, the tour operators offer the best facilities to all the tourists, which include comfortable lodging and remarkable customer support service. Why Choose thePower Places® Tours? Remarkable Teamwork: They have an efficient team ofguides, driver, tour managers and supervisors, which takes excellent care of tourists and assures comfort and safety at all the points of the journey. Personalization: The tour operator provides tailor-made travel itineraries based on the traveler requirement. The…
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Explore New Worlds With Power Places Tours

Have you always been in love with traveling? Are you enthusiastic to explore new places with your near and dear ones and have the time of your life? If yes then you should get in touch with Power Places Tours today. Explore The Best Exotic Places In The World: Get to know nature up-close all by yourself. Travel to explore exotic places with the breath-taking scenic view that you will never forget. Visit countries like Nepal, India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, turkey and much more even if you are on a budget without ever compromising. Everybody deserves some respite after long hours of work. This is why you deserve a vacation that will take all your worries and stress away in no time at all. Power Places Tours is the best you can get. They offer vacations to unique and beautiful places that work like a therapy to your mind and soul. And trips and tours are nothing without your family and friends' company. Have the time of your life in luxurious hotels and top-class restaurants and make memo…

Raise Your Energy and Awareness with Power Places Tours

Are you yearning for a unique and extraordinary experience on your international journey? Look no further than Power Places Tours, the world’s leading transformational travel company.  They will take you by the hand on an exotic journey to discover the most mystical and magical places on earth.
Power Places Tours design their unique “spiritually-based” travel programs to experience mystical ancient sites where energies are still present that can affect your consciousness in a profound and positive way.  A visit to these “power places” can uplift your body, mind and spirit leaving you inspired, peaceful and with a new “zest for life.”   Such places have a magnetic and spiritual energy. These sacred sites include ancient pyramids such as Chichen-Itza in the Yucatan and the Great Pyramid in Egypt, sacred monuments such as the Sphinx and at Machu Picchu.   Other mystical temples such as the Acropolis and Chartres cathedral, also built with ancient sacred geometry come to mind.  These sites…

Journey Back To The Mystical Ancient Civilization With Power Places® Tours

History has never failed to excite and astound us. We use this term for any event or occurrences that have taken place in the distant past. Embark on a journey to amazing historical places with Power Places® Tours.

They are known to be an esteemed agency with more than thirty years of experience in the tourism industry. They brag of their impeccable record and high-quality services that they deliver to the tourists. From delectable wholesome meals, comfortable accommodation to worthwhile sightseeing tours, this tour operator offers everything.

Embarking on an Exciting Journey to the Foregone Era

Historical tours can be educative and an interesting learning experience at the same time. Yucatan is a must visit destination in Mexico. It flaunts of long rugged coastlines, golden beaches and the cerulean blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. Soak up the beauty of the bucolic villages, sandy streets, and rich wildlife. Enjoy to the hilt in one of the laid back Caribbean islands.

Be awe-struck …

How To Choose An Ideal Touring Company?

Touring and travelling are the perfect gateway from the mundane and hectic schedule of life. At Power Places Tours, we believe each, and every one of you have that factor inside of exploring the world leaving all your worries behind, just you need a perfect touring guide and therefore we are here. Do you know what elements need to be present inside your touring guide?

Here are the few points to check out  

1.Research the cost beforehand

When it comes to tour companies, it is not always true when they quote the price. You might be overcharged, or sometimes some good companies tell you the lowest price but don't include fees for tickets, parking, etc. so ask the question regarding all your tour fees, hotel charges, food, etc. otherwise you may end up paying for more what you have bargained for. In Power Places Tours Company, we ensure you real value for your money.

2.Make sure the tour match with the right audience

You might be a solo traveller, family person or a senior citizen, m…

Visit Once And Get A Lifetime Experience

There are often times when you want a break from your hectic lifestyle and go somewhere far into mountains, beaches, deserts, islands, etc. It's because traveling refreshes you up to rejuvenate you to be able to work with the same efficiency which you might have lost over the time. You need to find out what kind of places excites you more, and accordingly you can plan a trip to that place.

Power Places Tours provides you with an experience like never before by providing you with the perfect guidance. Their travel experts help you shortlist places and also tell you the extra details that will benefit you to make your trip even more amazing. They provide certain parameters that help you make a planned trip and ensure that you are investing right. A customized plan is made just according to your needs.


You don't need to follow the trodden path. Experience the delicious sun of beaches, rivers, forests, snow covered mountains, sand dunes, etc. with Power Place…

Travel To Experience the Joy In Life With Power Places Tours

Traveling is a wonderful experience which enriches your soul with the freshness and meaning of life. It is an ultimate medicine for a person who might be depressed or is a victim of boredom or is pressed under the hectic schedules of work. Traveling makes you discover the joys of life that might have gotten erased due to certain reasons. You tend to feel more energetic and recharged after coming back from a trip. It increases your efficiency levels to almost double of what they were.

Power Places Tours provides you the guidance you always wanted before planning out a trip. Their experts are trained enough to modify your trip according to your special needs and requirements which could be suitable for people from all age groups and cultures. The travel packages provided by Power Places Tours provide you with facilities which are definitely worth the cost. The breath-taking experience you'll get is worth every happiness of the world. Give us a chance to make you feel special and make…