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Explore Beyond the Known and Familiar with Power Places® Tours

Metaphysics is the study of what is beyond the objective experience. It can be traced back to a Greek origin and comprises of two words that is “meta” which means beyond and “physics,” which means material world.

Metaphysics has spiritual, religious and philosophical dimensions. It is a combination of mysticism, spirituality, awakening, the soul, meditation, yoga, reincarnation, extra sensory perception, positive thinking, dreams, near-death experiences, etc.

If you want to venture into the unknown, get in touch with the Power Places Tours. The tour operator provides superior quality service from comfortable lodging, wholesome meals to top-notch quality sight-seeing and a commendable overall travel experience.

Journey into the Unknown with Power Places® Tours

Have a mystifying and soul purifying experience by joining the metaphysical tour of this tour operator. Their tours are a fusion of relaxation entertainment and learning. Their tours help in intuitive knowing and philosophical thinking. Some of the spiritual or metaphysical tours offered by them include:

Egypt: Be awestruck by the grandeur of intricately-carved tombs and the meticulously etched Pharaonic temples. Venture on a memorable cruise ride on the all powerful River Nile. Take a joyful camel ride in the mystifying desert and explore one of the wonders of the world, “the magnificent pyramids” that stands tall in all its glory.

Greece: Be enchanted by the aquamarine coastline, strong ouzo, feta and splendid vistas in Greece. Be blown away by the sun-kissed ancient ruins of the Minoan civilization. The ancient Knossos Palace in Greece is a sight to behold. Knossos was one of the most important cities of the Minoan civilization and was destroyed twice by earthquakes.

Be mesmerized by the “Cave of Zeus, “which is situated on the Mount Ida slopes on the Crete Island of Greece. This cave houses beautiful stalactites and stalagmites and has a single entrance.

Peru: Have a refreshing experience by availing the Peru and Machu Picchu package of this tour operator. Enjoy the time of your life exploring the alters, shrines and temples along the Inca trail.
Get pleasure from a memorable tour experience by joining one of their specially crafted metaphysical tour packages for a mystifying, spiritual-awakening experience. From the grand hotels, luxurious transfers, delectable food to pleasant sight-seeing this tour operator provides everything along with a team of expert guides and other staff to make sure the travelers have a rich and satisfying travel experience.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Discover Your New Self with the Power Places® Tours

Spirituality emphasizes on the deepest values by means of which people live in a context separate from that of a religious institution. It stresses on the supernatural, metaphysics into a realm that is beyond the known and familiar. It is a quest for the unattainable, unknown sacred experience or a confrontation with the “inner dimensions.”

Interested to embark on a spiritual journey? The ultimate answer is the Power Places® Tours. This tour operator takes pride in their impeccable track record and the unsurpassed quality of service they offer to their customers from luxurious lodging, scrumptious meals to superior quality sight-seeing and a pleasant overall travel experience.

What to Expect from the Spiritual Power Places® Tours?

Rediscover your true self by going on a spiritual tour with this tour operator. Their tours are an amalgam of entertainment, relaxation and spiritual learning. They are designed for internal healing and spiritual awakening. Some of the spiritual tours offered by them are:

Tibet: Explore the mystifying beauty of Tibet by observing the snow-clad Mt. Everest, still lakes like the Yamdro Lake and visit its meticulously carved temples at lamaseries. Tibet has a lot to offer from the hot springs, clear lakes, lush forests such as Lulang and intricately carved temples.

Peru: The land of wild landscapes to the snow–clad Andeans Mountains, Peru is known to be a cultural stew with people from diverse culture living together. It has a rich cultural tapestry and a lot to offer. Have an exhilarating experience with their Machu Pichu and Peru package. Explore the shrines, temples and alters at the sacred Incan site. The Incan society is known to be the society of the Incan civilization in South America and includes Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and Southern Columbia. This tour combines mystical experience with adventure.

Greece: This is another very interesting spiritual package offered by this tour operator and it includes Crete, Delphi and Athens. Achieve the goodness of holistic healing, relaxation, rejuvenation and overall well-being from this tour.

Have a mesmerizing tour experience by availing one of their specially designed spiritual tour package. From lavish hotels, comfortable transfers, mouth-watering, healthy food to memorable sight-seeing this tour operator offers everything along with a team of proficient guides and other staff to ensure all travelers have a comfortable and hassle free travel experience.

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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Have an Experience of a Lifetime with the Power Places® Tours

What better way is to feel refreshed and rejuvenated than to go for traveling. There are a host of advantages associated with traveling. It gives some respite from the monotonous daily life and widens a person’s horizon, knowledge and makes lovely memories. It provides the opportunity to explore new places and connect with people from different cultures and traditions.
The Power Places® Tours conductors combine tourism with spiritual learning. With more than three decades of experience they provide the best of facilities to the tourists that include lavish accommodations and amenities such as water sport activities, spa therapy centers, outdoor pools and massage parlors.

Why Opt For The Power Places® Tours?

Brilliant Teamwork: They have a proficient team of supervisors, guides, driver and tour managers that takes very good care of the tourists and ensures their safety and comfort at every point of their journey.

Customization: They offer customized travel itineraries according to the requirement of the travelers. They make special arrangements in the itinerary as well as provide facilities for the convenience of the handicapped people as well. They offer a host of customized tours that are historical, spiritual or religious. Their historical tour includes travel to places such as Peru, Egypt, and Tibet and so on. Their religious tours include visit to the sacred cities around the world such as Kathmandu, Israel, France and etc. Enjoy the unique experience of a Mayan healing ceremony in the middle of the jungle. Their experienced guide make arrangements with a local Shaman to organize a ceremony like this. Have a wonderful time exploring the Mayan Temples at Palenque and Yucatan.

Comfort: They offer comfortable accommodations, wholesome and delish food and round the clock commendable support service. Apart from providing the basic necessities, this tour operator even makes all the necessary arrangements for entertainment and relaxation, such as sports activities, massage parlors, spa centers and so on. They make all the effort to look for luxury accommodations in hotels that offer all the modern amenities at a reasonable price.

Learning: Their tours are especially crafted to provide a distinctive experience of spiritual learning combined with entertainment. Explore the “White Lions” through a spiritual tour in South Africa and unravel their mystery. All along these creatures were thought to be God’s messengers or enlightenment bearers. Feel rejuvenated by going for their spiritual tours and imbibe positive energy to activate the “chakras” (positive energy) in our bodies. Visit the Mayan temples in Peru or the splendid pyramids in Egypt.

Apart from these spiritual tours this tour operator organizes seminars, conferences where esteemed speakers deliver inspirational speeches on the concept of spirituality and this proves to be a “life changing” experience for many of the travelers who join such tours.
Their tours are crafted based on a theme that could be religious, historical or spiritual. They provide comfortable to luxurious accommodations in ace hotels along with able tour guides, competent tour managers, transfers by luxury buses, trains, planes, and even round-trip air tickets and etc. Avail their services for an experience of a life time.

Friday, 16 December 2016

Journey Back in Time with the Power Places® Tours

A historical place is not only important to the history buffs but to all who want to explore and know in depth about ancient civilizations, traditions and customs. Many historical trips can prove to be a great learning experience for children and hence many schools conduct field trips and excursions to such heritage sites.

If you are interested in going for a historical tour, get in touch with the Power Places® Tours. They are a renowned tour operating agency with about 34 years of experience in the industry. They are known to have a flawless track record and have earned rave reviews from travelers all over the world for their impeccable service that includes comfortable lodging in deluxe hotels, delectable food and over the top service by their team of dedicated and competent staff.

Here are some of the best places for historical tours:

Black Land: Egypt is popularly known by “Black Land” for its dark, rich, fertile soil by the River Nile. Be awe-struck by the grandeur of the pyramids and the looming Pharaonic temples. Nile plays an arguably powerful role in the development of Egypt and thus Egypt is known to be a “gift of the Nile.” The river was the source of food, land and electricity that has sustained a civilization. Explore the sand covered tombs, the majestic pyramids in all its grandeur, the lush oasis and the barren desert.

This tour operator leaves no stone unturned to offer a wonderful tour experience. Sail on the river Nile on a 5 star cruise and soak up the breathtaking view of the ancient buildings and spectacular sunrise. Enjoy the camel ride to the austere pyramids. One of the greatest pleasures of visiting the “Land of the Pharaohs” is that the Egyptians are very amicable and welcome tourists despite the financial, political and social turmoil.

Mexico: Be mesmerized by the jungle-swathed shrines of Palenque and the scenic vistas of Yukatan. Explore the land of the Mayan civilization. The tour guide also arranges for a talk with the Mayan herbalist for the tourists. Learn all about Mayan healing and have an amazing experience. 

Have a wonderful experience with the Power Places Tours operators for their blue chip service that includes luxurious hotel accommodations, comfortable transfers, delicious food and impeccable service of guides, drivers and supervisors to ensure a safe and happy travel experience for the tourists.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Power Places Tours – Unfold Yourselves to Nirvana

Have feet? Start traveling, leave footprints behind and take memories with you. Meet new people and understand life outside your home. With challenges and surprises all the way, travel around and widen the horizons of life. Everybody has a weekend off to de-stress and revitalize for forthcoming jobs. Some escape into the virtual world to avoid reality for attaining bliss. There is always a fair chance that traveling changes one's perspective of life. The more encounters one has, the better understanding one gets on life. Vacations are mood boosters and give one, inner peace and tranquility needed in life.

 How does it feel to know that such mystic places exist and one can travel to make their dreams come true. There are such places of power where one can attain enlightenment and connect to self-conscience.  Power places tours take you on such trips where you can connect your body with basic elements of the universe. These places leave you with life-altering realizations about self and higher power. Over years people traveled in a quest for spiritual awakening. By tapping into the realms of nature one can experience a powerful cosmic shift and feel the energy flow directly.

Science has evolved from the understanding of nature. There are some natural power places and some man made power places which are over centuries old. Power places always lie precisely aligned to the ley lines where there is an exceptional energy flow and vibrations. Experiencing them first hand is better than reading about such places. Visit mystic megalithic ruins of Stonehenge in England and pyramids of Egypt, the great temple of King Solomon holding ancient relics. These places leave you yearning for more mind boggling destinations. The mighty ranges of the Himalayas engage all senses of the body and leave you with tranquility and oneness. It is a must visit place for everyone to see the greatness of nature and it is the abode to numerous lakes, temples, and monasteries

Embrace the creations which allure the mind by visiting Cradle of the Nile, pyramids of Egypt, holy Lake Namtso of Tibet, The Grand Canyon, the historical city of the Machu Picchu, captivating city of Peru, and various Buddhist monasteries in Southeast Asia. These journeys satisfy the wanderlust of curious minds and leave everyone spellbound. Each element of nature in such places exuberate positive energy, vibrations and generate consciousness.
Power places tours transport your body and soul to such awestruck places and make it a rewarding experience. They take every step with you to make it a memorable journey. The guides and travel managers help you explore intricate places and let you experience the grandeur in its very form. It is one of the kind tour packages which no one else can provide. The attentive and proficient staff caters to all the individual needs with plan and precaution. This learning experience lasts for a lifetime and leaves you with a new found respect for life. Step into new mystic places and embrace the culture which is forsaken ages ago.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Enjoy to the Hilt with Power Places® Tours

Travelling is the best way to de-stress and feel refreshed. It is a very rewarding experience as the tourists are exposed to new culture, lifestyle, people and insights. They discover a whole new meaning of life and the purpose of living.
The Power Places® Tours organizers offer customized tours for the benefit of customers. They have years of experience to offer all the comforts to the wanderlust travelers like best lodging, cuisine, sightseeing and so on. They not only provide the basic necessities but also luxury amenities like water sports, spa therapy, massage centre and so on.

What Services Do They Offer?

They offer scores of services from the historical and religious tours to the organization of seminars, conferences where reputed speakers deliver lectures on higher level of thinking and spiritualism. The services that they offer have been listed below:

Historical Tours: Have a mesmerizing experience by availing their historical tours that include visit to the mystifying pyramids in Egypt. Be amazed by the verdant Nile valley or the austere pyramids or the sand-covered tombs. Be awe-struck by the grandeur of the lofty mountains of Tibet or marvel at the ancient, historical Inca city- The Machu Pichu. A trip to the molten core and picturesque city of South America, Peru, is incomplete without a visit to the archaeological site of Machu Pichu. Peru is a concoction of African, Spanish and Asian cuisines, water sports, carnivals and scenic landscapes from the deep Amazon to the frozen peaks of the Andes Mountains.

Religious Tours
: Apart from the tours to the historical places, they even offer tours to sacred cities such as Kathmandu, Pokhra in Nepal and various other cities of Israel, France and Greece. Enjoy the artistic heritage and the timeless culture of the city of Kathmandu. Explore the intricately carved temples abounding with marigolds, tiny workshops and courtyards of rice and dried chilies. Pokhra features scenic vistas, adventurous activities and is the destination for the foodies. Its meandering rivers, adventurous sports activities and laid-back charm lures tourists from all around the globe. They offer personalized tours to these Buddhist religious places and many more sacred places around the world. They have decades of experience in conducting excursions to the world’s most sacred destinations.

Seminars: In addition to the religious, historical and spiritual tours, they even organize international programs and seminars where learned and highly acclaimed speakers are invited to enlighten tourists with their motivating speeches on spiritualism. They have interacted with the most eminent spiritual leaders like Dalai Lama and their travel programs and conferences have received wide media coverage and have featured in prestigious magazines like New York Times, National Geographic’s Traveler’s magazine, Time Magazine, Wall Street journal, Los Angelos Times, CNN’s Travel Program and many more.

Their primary goal is to offer travelers with exclusive travel programs in the mystical lands around the globe. Tourists can have an experiential learning and can sense the charisma and throbbing energy of such mystical sites. You are in safe hands with their operators.  They offer proficient tour managers, competent guides and overall unrivalled quality service. Power Places Tours would leave you yearning for more!

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Bring Solace to your Soul with Power Places® Tours

The purpose of travelling is to gain new experience and explore new places, culture, tradition, customs and thus it is a kind of learning that makes a traveler satisfied and contented. There are many places around the world, from the picturesque hill stations, sugar-kissed beaches, to the bucolic estates, lofty mountains, lush landscapes, sacred pilgrimage sites and places of spiritual learning. Each place entices the traveler with a charm of its own.

The Power Places Tours operators have years of experience, expertise and efficiency to cater to all the needs and necessities of the tourists. They have been in this business for the past 34 years and offer only the best to the tourists from luxury accommodations to all the advanced and modern amenities like outdoor pools, array of water sport activities, massage parlors and spa therapy centers.

They offer custom-built tours according to the requirements of tourists. Their tours include visit to sacred places like Kathmandu, Pokhra, France, Greece, Israel and many other places around the world. Visit cathedral of St. James of Jerusalem or be amazed by the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum and the Palace of Versailles in France. Enjoy the hiking trails of Caves of Patriarchs or the “Nasal Arugot” waterfall in Israel or simply enjoy the brown Syrian bears in the Biblical Jerusalem Zoo. Be awe-struck by the Acropolis Museum, Acropolis in Athens, Temple of Hephaestus or hike along the Samaria Gorge in Greece.

Apart from the exquisitely carved cathedrals, temples and historical splendors of Peru or Egypt, they organize conferences for tourists where renowned speakers share their knowledge about spiritualism and metaphysics. This could be a life changing experience for many travelers.

Power Places® Tours is a commendable tour company that offers specially crafted tours for the wanderlust tourists unlike the superficial tours designed for common tourists. They focus on a more deep and meaningful learning experience. They take utmost care of all the tourists and offer them a one-of-a kind experience with visit to the off the beaten track and exotic places around the world, that is not available in the average tourism lists.