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Power Places Tours - Peru Machu

The Power Places Tours include visit to places flaunting architectural monuments and riveting experience of mystical vortex of energy. This vibrant energy lures tourists who look at it with admiration and astonishment and an irresistible curiosity to know how and when this energy of higher level was created and came into existence.

Power Places tours also include conferences where eminent speakers share their spiritual knowledge with the travelers as a part of healing and brining solace to the soul for all those tourists who have suffered heartbreaking and major life changing disasters. Such seminars would enlighten you about the power of healing, life, death, wisdom and so on.

Power Places Tours - The Grandfather of Spiritual Tours

Power places tours is a great tour company which provides a lifetime experience to its travelers. The staff is really loving and caring and the trip is always well organized.This is a unique and exceptional company which unlike its name is full bus, special tours crafted for common tourists.

Uplift Your Energy and Consciousness with Power Places® Tours

National Geographic's "Traveler" Magazine states that Power Places Tours is "The Grandfather of Spiritual Tours".

Are you yearning for a unique and extraordinary experience on your international journey? Look no further than Power Places® Tours, the world’s leading transformational travel company.  They will take you by the hand on an exotic journey to discover the most mystical and magical places on earth.

Power Places® Tours design their unique “spiritually-based” travel programs to experience mystical ancient sites where energies are still present that can effect your consciousness in a profound and positive way.  A visit to these “power places” can uplift your body, mind and spirit leaving you inspired, peaceful and with a new “zest for life.”  Such places have a magnetic and spiritual energy. These sacred sites include ancient pyramids such as Chichen-Itza in the Yucatan and the Great Pyramid in Egypt, sacred monuments such as the Sphinx and at M…