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Power Places Tours – Discover a Different World

Are you packing your bags for a vacation? It is high time to de-stress and allow your body to reconnect with nature and draw positive energy from it to heal. You can benefit more from a journey to unknown and mystic places rather than a regular tourist destination. Rediscover yourself by discovering new paths in nature.

Let your senses guide your body, mind, and spirit to calm your nerves during the time away from work. Power places tours help you in experiencing new places and take you for a memorable trip you can go in a lifetime. Learn something new on this particular vacation about how you can connect your body to soul.


The devils tower of Wyoming gives you a unique climbing experience found nowhere else. The white sand dunes in New Mexico give you joy and peace. Explore mysterious Chaco canyon in New Mexico and famous red rocks of Sedona, Arizona. The sacred mountains of Mauna Kea are a picturesque beauty drawing pilgrims and tourist from all over the world.


The pre-h…

Venture into the Domain of the Unfamiliar

Venture beyond the known into the domain of the mystical and unfamiliar. Be captivated by the bucolic estates, picturesque vistas, with the popular Power Places Tours.

This agency has more than thirty years of experience in the industry of tourism. They take pride in their spotless track record and unmatched quality service. From ace quality lodging, delectable food to the first-rate service, this tour operator offers it all. They have a team of proficient and dedicated staff members who are always on their toes to keep the tourists happy and delighted with their impeccable service.

Unravel the Beauty of the Mystical Places with Power Places® Tours

Have a soul purifying experience by embarking on a journey with this tour agency. Their tours are an amalgam of excitement, thrill, entertainment and attaining spiritual knowledge.

Mexico: Admire the picturesque panoramas of Yukatan and Palenque’s awe-inspiring shrines. Be mesmerized by the mystical Mayan civilization. The guide makes the arr…