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Enjoy to the Hilt with Power Places® Tours

Travelling is the best way to de-stress and feel refreshed. It is a very rewarding experience as the tourists are exposed to new culture, lifestyle, people and insights. They discover a whole new meaning of life and the purpose of living.
The Power Places® Tours organizers offer customized tours for the benefit of customers. They have years of experience to offer all the comforts to the wanderlust travelers like best lodging, cuisine, sightseeing and so on. They not only provide the basic necessities but also luxury amenities like water sports, spa therapy, massage centre and so on.

What Services Do They Offer?

They offer scores of services from the historical and religious tours to the organization of seminars, conferences where reputed speakers deliver lectures on higher level of thinking and spiritualism. The services that they offer have been listed below:

Historical Tours: Have a mesmerizing experience by availing their historical tours that include visit to the mystifying pyramids i…

Bring Solace to your Soul with Power Places® Tours

The purpose of travelling is to gain new experience and explore new places, culture, tradition, customs and thus it is a kind of learning that makes a traveler satisfied and contented. There are many places around the world, from the picturesque hill stations, sugar-kissed beaches, to the bucolic estates, lofty mountains, lush landscapes, sacred pilgrimage sites and places of spiritual learning. Each place entices the traveler with a charm of its own.

The Power Places Tours operators have years of experience, expertise and efficiency to cater to all the needs and necessities of the tourists. They have been in this business for the past 34 years and offer only the best to the tourists from luxury accommodations to all the advanced and modern amenities like outdoor pools, array of water sport activities, massage parlors and spa therapy centers.

They offer custom-built tours according to the requirements of tourists. Their tours include visit to sacred places like Kathmandu, Pokhra, France…

Empower your soul through Power Places Tours

We all love to wander with wonder and our primary aim of travelling is to achieve fulfillment. Tours are not undertaken only to energize the self momentarily rather it is a bouquet of moments which supplies us with energy whenever we recall it. And Power Places Tours fulfills this criterion of ours.
Dr. Toby Weiss and Theresa Weiss gave birth to this concept approximately 34 years ago. They recognized certain stations which wreak spirituality and have auras that are capable of soothing souls and transforming them into their superior form. They termed these as ‘Power Places’ which provide the tourists with power with which they not only exist but also live the rest of their life happily. They provide a zest for life.

Comfort of travelling

Power Places Tours is basically a veteran in the travelling business who have been arranging and executing trips for past 34 years. And there is no one else like this company. They not only look after the physical conveniences of their clients, but also…

The Spirit Quest with Power Places Tours

Why do we travel? According to travel psychologist, Dr. Alice Boyes, the top five reasons to travel are : Our Problem Solving skills are improved, it builds skills and capacities, it offers relaxation, it expands our mental dimensions, and gives meaning to live along with a strong sense of self. Have you ever had these happen to you? Have you ever traveled some place and come back so refreshed, that you feel like a new person altogether? Have you ever travelled, not just to get far away from the city buzz and the maddening crowd, but feel that eternal bliss? Have you ever travelled, maybe just to take a break and felt your soul nourished? Have you?

The word ‘Power’ is derived from the Anglo-French word ‘Pouair’ which means, “The ability or capacity to influence someone or something”. Book a trip with Power Places Tours and come experience the healing ‘power’ of the destination. Come, cleanse your aura and experience spiritual awakening.

Study with the Master Shamans in the concentric …

Power Places® Tours

One of the best tours service providers, the Power Places® Tours has earned its fame as “The Grandfather of Spiritual Tours" by one of the famous tours and travels-related magazine named the National Geographic’s traveler magazine. This tour provider is responsible for providing unique experiential tours to its customers to the amazing parts of the world. Their journeys tend to be extraordinary. You will be given a chance to visit the most magical places over the globe.

The Power Places Tours has been in the industry for a long time period of 30 years and the record of the company is brilliant. From the moment the customer connects with the company, he is assisted in a proper manner by the dedicated and the expert members of the team. From the beginning to the end of the trip, the client is assisted in a proper manner and the help is provided at each and every point of time in the entire journey. Thus, your journey becomes meaningful, joyful, thrilling, exciting as well amazing …